Welcome to your pet's

home away from home '

Sheridane Kennels Pet Resort, Pet Grooming, Hebron, CT


We live on the premises

caring for your pets 24 hrs a day.




Monday; 8 AM to 6 PM


Tuesday; 8 AM to 5 PM


Wednesday; 8 AM to 5 PM

(by appointment)


Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM


Friday; 8 AM to 6 PM


Saturday; 9 AM to 12 Noon


Sunday' 4 PM to  6 PM


( Off hours by Appointment)


SiNCE 1973

Pet Boarding Rates



Set off on your holiday knowing your pet is safe, in a spacious and clean boarding facility.

We provide exceptional professional boarding services that you and your pet are sure to love. We live on the premises & have been serving the pets of the area, since 1973, under the same family ownership.

We believe in giving your pets in a happy and loving environment. That is why we never use cages.  Each dog, or family has a private spacious 5x7' indoor room in our Fully heated & air-conditioned building.

There is always free access day & nite, to an attached 9x12  private, covered outdoor patio, to ensure their comfort.

We ensure that pets who may be upset seeing other dogs have quarters in which they cannot see each other.

If  your pet likes other dogs, we have facilities where they can see their next door neighbors, through the outdoor fences and run and play along side each other without contact.

Every pet gets a raised chaise bed in their room & outside in their patio as well.

If you feel it would make their stay more comfortable, you may also bring your pet's own bedding & toys.

Here, pets do not sleep on the floor.

Private Condo

Chaise beds for your pets

Personalized attention

cages dog beds dog  and owner Chaise Bed Dog inside indoor kennel


We will feed your pet on the same schedule you follow at home.

We provide many kinds of high quality foods, including 'grain free'.

However, If you prefer, to bring your own food, we are happy to feed it...

There is  NO EXTRA CHARGE for doing this.

We will chart & report to you how your pet has eaten during it's stay.




Medications brought from home, are carefully administered and charted.

Oral and topical given always at NO CHARGE.



We maintain the strictest standards of sanitation..

Quarters are cleaned constantly, keeping it sanitary.

They are sanitized daily with hospital grade disinfectants.

Pets go home as clean as they arrived.


Optional bath & brush services available by request during your pet's stay)

Indoor kennel Indoor kennel ANIMATED DOG 2 kennel-honey&rosie A DOG PICTURE 6