Welcome to your pet's

home away from home '

Sheridane Kennels Pet Resort, Pet Grooming, Hebron, CT


We live on the premises

caring for your pets 24 hrs a day.




Monday; 8 AM to 6 PM


Tuesday; 8 AM to 5 PM


Wednesday; by Appointment

 (8am to 5pm) 


Thursday 8 AM to 5 PM


Friday; 8AM to 6 PM


Saturday; 9AM to 12 Noon


Sunday' 4 PM to  6PM


( Off hours by Appointment)


SiNCE 1973

Pet Care with Personal Playtime Rates



We know, leaving your pet at a boarding facility can be an emotionally trying task for you, as well as your pets —


Our family has served Hebron, and the surrounding area since 1973.  We live on the premises & make sure that your dog gets personal attention & play time, as well as  having a safe, spacious, clean & comfortable environment to stay in, while you are away.

We  give you peace of mind knowing that your pet will be happy and safe with us.

Being away from home & without you is a stressful situation for any pet.

In order to relieve that stress, we feel it is important for your pet to bond with us .  We will spend personal tme with your pet in order for that to happen..  Quality time every day, making sure their stay is enjoyable.


Indoors, we offer a private condo for each dog or family of dogs with Xtra-large 5 X 7 rooms. The building is heated & air-conditioned  

All rooms have attached, a spacious private 9 x12 covered outdoor patio,

with free access to it day and night, through an open door.

For multipet families, we offer suites of two indoor rooms attached

to one outdoor patio. They can play together & eat/sleep in separate quarters.

Our spacious Play Park is completely enclosed with 6' high chain link fencing.  

It has grass & trees for your pets enjoyment.

One of us takes each pet (or family of pets) out individually & spends personal time with them every day. This allows us to bond with your pets & get to know them, so we can make their stay most comfortable & fun.

Personal playtime for your pet

Private play park

Private condo for your dogs

Personal playtime for your pet Private condo for your dogs Private play park

   *   Large private play park on the premises

   *   Play Ball, Frisbee or NatureWalks – whatever your dog likes to do.

   *   We create a bond with your pet by spending personal time with

        each  individually, no matter how long it takes


Playtime with dog in the outdoors Outdoor dog kennel



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